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RMT Internship Program

Learn more about our internship opportunities for soon-to-be Registered Massage Therapists (RMT)

About Our RMT Internship Opportunity

Legacies Health Centre has always taken great pride in being a centre of education for both patients and professionals alike. Continued learning creates proactive populations and allows healthy minds and bodies to keep moving forward.

Many of our practitioners are directly involved with the local schools and educational institutions. Through outreach, teaching and student seminars, we learned that new, pre-board exam graduates were not getting to take advantage of the experiences and opportunities that LEGACIES had to offer.

Thus was born the Legacies Health Centre Student Intern Program.

The 12 week mentored, education based internship allows for new graduates to work hands-on as an intern therapist while being mentored personally by a Clinical Team Leader and learning skills that would otherwise not be accessible elsewhere in the industry.

The goal is simple: give student therapists a head start on their careers and continue the legacy of having a health company dedicated to continued learning and growth.

If you have any questions, or would like to apply for this opportunity, please send an email to

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