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The inspirational story about Sarah

April 21st, 2022

The inspirational story about Sarah

Sarah has been a patient at Legacies for over a decade. She has attended appointments in Massage Therapy, Chiropractic Care, Physiotherapy, Personal Training and Dietitian. In August 2021, something sparkled her interest. She heard of the Total Health Packages, an ‘all-in-one’ personal training experience (with an extra touch of health!). Our Total Health Packages include personal training sessions, registered dietitian consultation and massage therapy. Sarah has been an inspiring story for us, and we would like to share her journey with you.

Sarah’s Journey

“I began my health journey at the South Point Legacies in August 2021. I have been a patient at Legacies for over 10 years. Then I heard about the Total Health Package from my wonderful Massage Therapist, Richard Dorst.  He told me all about this program, which included a variety of comprehensive lifestyle adjustments, and I took a leap of faith and decided to look into it. I was sick of being in constant pain, feeling exhausted all of the time, and being overweight. I nervously booked a free session with Southpoint’s Kinesiologist and personal trainer, Trevor Carreiro.  Because I suffer from chronic neck and back pain due to numerous motor vehicle accidents, I was a bit apprehensive to start this new way of living. Trevor was friendly, kind, and supportive from the start! Trevor took the time to get to truly know me and started by asking me to make small lifestyle changes.  He is helping me rehabilitate over 10 years of injuries and pain that help make my daily life so much better. After helping me with the rehab, I now work with him on a weekly basis on a variety of strength training workouts. He is a fun, hands-on, knowledgeable trainer who cares deeply about all of these clients. I also had the pleasure of meeting Nilou Forooghian, a registered dietitian.  From our first session, she was full of great ideas, delicious recipes, and tools for success. She gives me so much guidance and support that it is amazing! Nilou takes the time to get to know her patients food preferences and cooking styles. Nilou has provided me with Weekly Meal Plans, delicious recipes, and Online Sessions. If I need any help at all, she happily provides her care and expertise! I have lost 55lbs in 4 months and I am halfway to my goal. I have gained strength, energy and a much better and happier quality of life.  While the journey has not been easy, it has given me a new sense of confidence in my ability to make better choices, in the ways in which I am creating a healthier me.  I am learning to make decisions that I will be able to continue to make for the long term, not just a quick fix. Trevor and Nilou are absolutely outstanding!  I am so very grateful to have them on my side as I work towards my weight loss, fitness and health goals. I am forever grateful for their knowledge, expertise and kindness as they have truly changed my life. I cannot wait to see what 2022 brings thanks to their expertise and support!

Our experts’ side of the story

Trevor Carreiro, Kinesiologist & Personal Trainer 

Meeting Sarah for the first time was an unforgettable experience. Our journey started in August 2021 when she came in for her first personal training assessment. During this assessment, our main purpose was to address muscle imbalances, seek information about her personal lifestyle including nutrition, and most importantly to put the ‘personal’ in personal training by getting to know our clients. At the time, Sarah was experiencing multiple areas of pain due to previous motor vehicle accidents, these injuries caused improper functioning of her body. Sarah had mentioned that she had attended many massage, chiropractor, and physiotherapy sessions, which did not provide her any long-term solution/relief. This led me to initially treat her dysfunctional movement patterns and muscle imbalances to engage properly specific muscles while exercising. We had focused on increasing her hip mobility, as well as her hip stability through a variety of glute activation drills. Alongside this, our secondary focus was to increase her core stability in order to gain strength and eliminate the compensation of her lower back. She was more than happy to address these movement issues while meeting her nutrition goals, which were set by our nutritionist, Niloufar Forooghian. The combination of a well-balanced diet and efficient rehab program allowed Sarah to gain a newfound confidence within her ability. This allowed us to be more creative with her movement/workouts, making it easier to accomplish exercises that she once was not able to achieve. Once these imbalances were addressed, we were able to move onto more strength building exercises such as weighted squats, weighted lunges and complex core exercises. Watching Sarah progress from simple muscle activation exercises into more exercises that build strength has been an amazing experience to witness. Throughout our journey together, Sarah has proven that she is focused, determined and willing to put her health before anything. She completes every session with a bright smile and is always a pleasure to work with. Currently, Sarah and I continue to work on relieving pain in specific area’s and gaining strength to help her achieve her goals.

Nilou Forooghian, Registered Dietitian

Working with Sarah these past six months has been truly a pleasure and honor. From day one, she showed she was motivated to make changes to her diet and lifestyle to bring about long-term change. She kept in touch regularly when she was struggling; and I did my best to keep her on track, with positive encouragement and letting her know that it is ok to have a bad day. We can lose sight of how far we’ve come sometimes, and the regular support and reassurance can help sustain long-term change. I am so proud to be part of her success story and know she will continue to make progress in all her health and wellness goals.
Meet Trevor:

At a young age, I was ridden with multiple sports injuries, which hindered my performance throughout my involvement in sports. This led me to become passionate about personal rehabilitation and particular movement patterns. With a devotion to physical development, I have been practicing and studying the health sector for over 4 years. While acquiring a diploma in Sports Science, I was driven to complete my Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology while in good standing with British Columbia’s Association of Kinesiologists. Having plenty of experience in coaching and personal injury treatment, I focus on building relationships with aspirations of helping individuals achieve their fitness goals of optimal movement and performance. This attitude towards fitness is what brings me joy to personal training, where I want all clients to feel comfortable and trusting in my ability to help them. In my spare time, I enjoy participating in many outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, skiing, and the majority of sports. While consistently being involved in physical activity I also ensure that I take care of my own chronic injuries by stretching, meditating, and performing other prevention techniques. Book Your Training with Trevor Visit our website to learn more about Personal Training and Total Health Packages.
Meet Nilou:

Nilou completed her Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from UBC. She is registered Dietitian with 19 years’ experience, and is passionate about helping people with digestive and other chronic health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and weight management that can impact one’s life. Nilou helps her clients to achieve their health goals and/or manage symptoms through proper nutrition, while still enjoying the foods they love. She also offers nutrition counselling for pre and post-natal and family/childhood dietary needs. Book a Dietitian Consultation or Meal Planning with Nilou at 778-373-0222, or visit the website to learn more about Legacies Dietitian Services.