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Can I Get a Massage While Pregnant?

July 22nd, 2021

For many women, pregnancy brings about aches and pains they’ve never experienced before. A sore back, swollen and sore calves and neck/shoulder pain may lead many expectant mothers to wonder if they can safely get a massage. Happily, prenatal massage isn’t just safe, it’s encouraged.

The benefits of prenatal massage

These are just a few of the many benefits of prenatal massage:

  • It helps relieve hip, lower and mid back pain. Back and hip pain are common during all three trimesters of pregnancy as the body changes and adapts to a quickly growing baby. Massage can help to relieve tension and reduce pain to assist in a healthy pregnancy.
  • It eases stress. Massage therapy can help relieve the physical symptoms of stress like tense muscles but your RMT can also help guide and educate you in safe and more comfortable movements and positions (ie: sleeping, working and exercise) through each trimester.
  • Massage Therapists can also administer Kinesiotaping, which can help in the latter trimesters by taking the pressure off of the back, neck and hips.

Things you should know before getting a pregnancy massage:

  • Massage Therapy is safe at every stage of your pregnancy, even if you’re trying to get pregnant. Massage therapy has NOT been found to assist in fertility or inducing or easing labour.
  • Massage Therapy is also safe and beneficial postpartum to help the mother and her body return to pre-baby function. Your Massage Therapist can also treat and educate new mothers on effective massage techniques for their new babies.
  • Every location at Legacies Health Centre is equipped with pregnancy bolsters and special equipment to allow expectant mothers the most amount of comfort in receiving their regular prenatal massage.
  • Find a reputable RMT. All BC Registered Massage Therapists have been trained in the proper prenatal massage techniques. They’ll be aware of how to treat you safely and efficiently.

Prenatal massage in Vancouver, Surrey and Burnaby and North Vancouver

If you need some relief from the physical pressure of pregnancy or are looking for a way to relax, the registered massage therapists at Legacies Health Centre can help. They’re qualified to perform all types of massage, including prenatal. Contact the location nearest to you to schedule an appointment today.

Adryon is a Registered Massage Therapist and Health Services Manager at Legacies Health Centre. She has a passion for sports and biomechanics, and strives to assess movement and pain to arrive at the root cause of dysfunction for the best possible outcome for her patients. Adryon has been involved as Head Team Therapist and Therapy Organizer for the BC Lions since 2006, The Vancouver Canucks, Abbotsford Canucks and HSBC Vancouver Sevens Rugby Tournament; She also has volunteered at the ITU World Cup and Championship in Vancouver, World Police and Fire Games, 2010 Winter Olympics, PGA tournaments and local amateur competitions and events in golf, soccer, gymnastics, and triathlon events. Adryon also takes an active role in her profession formerly sitting on the board of the BC Chapter of the CSMTA (Canadian Sports Massage Therapy Association) and an inaugural therapist in the Sport Professional Practice Group through RMTBC and SportMedBC which assists the Massage Therapy Profession progress towards specialization in Sport. Adryon proudly gives back to the profession by guest lecturing and teaching Sports and Business at the Therapy colleges to inspire future RMT Graduates into a sports and orthopedically-centred practice.